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Innosearch Biotech is pleased to welcome you.
Innosearch Biotech strives to produce treatments that will improve the quality of life and  health of patients throughout the country – new and effective medicines with significant benefits such as fewer or no side effects and the most efficient methods of operating.

We are very proud of our devoted team members, who work tirelessly to ensure that the quality and efficacy of our pharmaceutical preparations enhance the lives of billions of suffering patients and end customers.

Innosearch Biotech is now known for its high quality, low costs, and transparent business practises. These values have earned us a reputation in the business for building caring, long-term partnerships.

Our Mission Statement

We attempt to keep in mind that the drug is for the benefit of the patients. We make every effort to remember that medicine is for the benefit of the patient, not for profit. Profits will follow if we keep this in mind, and they will never fail to show up. The more we think about
it, the bigger they will get.

Why are we here?


  • We serve over 1000 clients.
  • All items are made in WHO-certified facilities that follow GMP guidelines.
  • Same-day shipping: We make it a point to get your items to you as soon as possible.
  • A large selection of items is available, with over 450 to choose from.
  • Committed to achieving high-quality health-care success.
  • First and foremost, the customer

Consumers who have become used to good customer service from online shops are upping their technology expectations across the board. And the digital revolution that is driving that development is now causing major changes in the way health-care and pharmaceutical companies do business.


At Innosearch Biotech, we strive to provide the greatest quality items possible. Our ISO, WHO-GMP certified facilities are backed by our increasing and happy third-party client base and PCD colleagues.
Furthermore, since we understand the delicate nature of the product, we guarantee that the packaging is of the highest quality.


In a catalogue of over 450 goods, you may find a broad variety of compositions. We create items in every category with 100 percent effectiveness. Following are your products:-

  • Oral liquid syrups and suspensions,
  • oral dry syrups,
  • tablets,
  • capsules,
  • ointments,
  • external liquids,
  • soft gelatin capsules,
  • creams,
  • beta-lactam products,
  • eye drops,
  • ear drops,
  • powder.

Support & Service

Innosearch Biotech provides 24×7 assistance to our employees and third- party clients, in addition to maintaining the obligation of providing the best levels of healthcare service. Our promotional assistance helps our company partners to be market leaders in a highly competitive industry.


  • We are a healthcare firm.
  • Get a PCD Pharma Franchise from one of India’s fastest-growing PCD firms.
  • Obtain pharma Monopoly rights to increase your profits.
  • There are over 500 products available.
  • Innosearch Biotech has around 500 high-quality items in all divisions, including capsules, syrups, injections, and medications in jelly form.

Same-Day Dispatch

Innosearch Biotech recognises the importance of time in the healthcare industry and is dedicated to meeting medical demands as promptly as possible.


  • We have ensured that our products are of the highest possible quality, and they have been thoroughly tested.
  • With WHO ISO GMP certification and over hundreds of customers, we adhere to the highest quality standards on all products and provide the best support services.



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