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Innosearch’s Background

Innosearch is entirely run by professionals in order to meet India’s growing need for trusted, reputable, and distinctive brands.

InnoSearch Biotech ProductInnosearch has grown to become one of India’s top pharmaceutical companies as a result of our world-class services. Innosearch in India provides a comprehensive variety of pharmaceutical formulations. We are India’s top monopoly company because of our professional and high-quality services.

Innosearch is the greatest firm in India if you want to build your own pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical formulations with exceptional marketing assistance are available from us.

Why are we here?

In India, Innosearch is a professionally managed franchise. We are continuously looking for motivated people with a strong sense of responsibility to join our pharmaceutical firm. Innosearch has been featured in and acknowledged by top drug journals on several occasions.


Innosearch is a major PCD Pharma firm based in Chandigarh. We are WHO-GMP and 2010 certified. We’ve been delivering PCD Pharma services and attempting to contribute to people’s well-being.

New PCD Pharma distributors/partners with a growth-oriented strategy are warmly welcomed.

The term “pharmaceutical franchise” refers to a privilege or entitlement. Franchising is a kind of business in which a Pharma Franchise company’s trademark may be utilised by another partner to do business. The partner sells items under that brand. Franchises come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as distinct forms of operation.

In order to reach all available horizons, we are also selling our goods. We provide you Monopoly distribution rights in order to expand our footprint throughout India. Anyone interested in applying for Monopoly distribution may do so by going to our website and filling out a feedback form.


  • Lucrative: Make a lot more money than you would if you worked as a marketing representative. In addition to other advantages, a franchise firm is more lucrative.
  • Of being your own boss: This is the finest chance for you if you have connections with physicians and a love for your own job. For pharma marketing professionals, the notion of a pharma franchise is similar to becoming their own boss. They don’t have any sales targets or are under any pressure from high management.
  • The Share of Authority and responsibility: If you have pharma sales expertise but don’t know anything about production or distribution, a pharma franchise might provide you with the opportunity to work for yourself. The pharmaceutical business delivers the product, which is then sold to the client via a franchise.


Innosearch is a WHO-GMP and ISO-accredited Third Party Manufacturing service provider for the Indian market, based in the Chandigarh. As a major third-party manufacturer in northern India, we provide state-of-the-art production facilities in a tax-free zone, as well as a dedication to collaborate with our clients. We have the capacity to produce tablets, capsules, dry syrups, syrups, neutraceuticals, and injections on a large scale.

It is dedicated to providing high-quality branded and generic medications at accessible rates to people all around the globe, with the goal of lowering health-care expenses.

We Innosearch are an ethically focused and generic Pharma handling unit situated in India, among all the top class Pharma manufacturing firms in India. Our company is dedicated to upholding social duties, industry principles, and providing individuals with total assistance in the pharmaceutical business.

We are situated in Chandigarh but we have a strong presence in all of the country’s main cities since we believe in spreading our credo for a healthy living across the country. We make sure that the things we provide are affordable so that individuals from all walks of life may buy them and enhance their lives.

Our staff at Innosearch is dedicated to pharma and medical excellence when it comes to high-standard, high-quality goods, since our major emphasis has always been on defending people’ health standards. In today’s world, with so much competition everywhere, our pharmaceutical manufacturing firm has remained strong and has earned a high reputation in the industry. Whatever problems we confront, we ensure that our flaws are addressed as soon as possible, and we concentrate entirely on what we are doing to provide the finest service to society.

We are well-established pharmaceutical producers in India, with a national footprint that has seen us rank among the top pharmaceutical companies in a short period of time.

Our goal is to learn from the rest of the world so that we may embrace innovative approaches that will best serve the people of our country.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing firm is dedicated not only to the production of medications and associated items, but also to ensuring that the packaging is done correctly, the products are delivered on time, and the export process runs smoothly.


We’ve put the infrastructure and processes in place to back up a strict quality policy. All of our systems are well-documented and deployed by a highly skilled team with a reporting line that is independent of the manufacturing process.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every product we create and distribute meets and adheres to globally acknowledged standards of quality, purity, effectiveness, and safety throughout its shelf life.

The newest analytical tools and closely monitored quality assurance and quality control systems assure constant quality of our goods at the production site.

A Corporate Quality Unit directs the quality staff at the manufacturing facility (CQU). Quality assurance, quality engineering, quality control, and regulatory affairs are all represented on this CQU. CQU keeps local quality advocates up to speed on new regulatory procedures and examines the quality of paperwork to ensure that it meets evolving international standards.



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