THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER IN CHANDIGARH : Are you looking for the top pharmaceutical company in chandigarh for third party manufacturing or contract manufacturing ?

What distinguishes us as the best pharmaceutical manufacturing company?

Innosearch Biotech, situated in Chandigarh, is a WHO GMP accredited third-party manufacturing pharmaceutical formulation facility. With over 10 years of expertise in this industry, we have assisted over hundreds of firms. The factors that influence your decision to choose us as your medicine manufacturers

Automatically Updated Production Status

InnoSearch Biotech ProductInnosearch Biotech is India’s Third-Party Manufacturing Pharma Company that provides real-time progress information to its clients at each step of manufacturing using an automated software-based system that distributes order status updates by SMS, WhatsApp, or email. Our clients may see the progress of their medicine manufacturing in real time.

Customer Referral To New Clients

We, at Innosearch Biotech, are the only Pharma Manufacturing Company that recognises that new clients may have concerns about dealing with new Pharma Manufacturers, thus we supply them with our customer’s phone numbers so they may get feedback on us.

Customers are invited to visit our factory.

We offer our clients to visit our factory to witness how the goods are created in their Third-Party Production Pharma Company, as part of our policy of transparency in medicine manufacturing, in order to gain trust in the manufacturing.

On-Time Delivery

We are India’s best pharmaceutical manufacturer with a fully integrated IT system. As a Pharma Manufacturing Company, we guarantee that our customers get their deliveries on time without having to maintain a significant supply on hand, avoiding market shortages caused by delays from Medicine Manufacturers.

Batch sizes are small.

Small batches are available from our pharmaceutical manufacturing company. We are one of the few W.H.O.-certified medicine manufacturers in India, and we provide small batches.

There will be no lies and deceit.

Innosearch Biotech is a pharmaceutical manufacturing firm that is entirely open with its clients. Our programme automatically updates our customers on manufacturing progress, thus we can’t make any misleading promises like other Pharma Manufacturers.

There were no follow-ups.

Innosearch Biotech is a medicine manufacturing company that encourages its clients to concentrate on their business growth rather than checking on the progress of their orders. Clients get automatic production status updates from our software. We, as your third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing company, eliminate the necessity for follow-ups.

We Provide a Wide Range of Services

We deal in numerous types of pharmaceutical manufacture, such as tablets, capsules, syrups, powders, injections, protein powder, dry syrup, sachets , as the Best Pharma Manufacturing Company. We do not outsource any of our medicine production to other pharmaceutical companies.

As a prominent pharmaceutical company, we provide a variety of services.

Innosearch Biotech, a third-party manufacturing firm, provides a wide variety of services that cover almost every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. We use high-end infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to generate the greatest items as the top drug producers. Furthermore, we have developed medication manufacturing solutions that include a variety of additional factors, such as in-house production, which reduces costs, increases flexibility, and empowers external knowledge, all while staying within nominal capital.

Our goods are widely requested across various health care institutions for their efficacy and dependability, owing to our years of expertise in this industry and consistency in offering high-quality items. We understand the problems and give solution-based services that may assist organisations in finding a route to success at Innosearch Biotech – the top pharma manufacturing company.


As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing firm, we have offered third-party pharma manufacturing services for:

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injectables are substances that can be injecte
  • Liquid and Dry-Powder
  • Sugar syrups (including Dry-Syrups)
  • Capsules made with soft gelatin
  • Ointments
  • Drops for the eyes and ears
  • Protein Powders and other nutritional supplements.


  • With an in-house team of professionals, Innosearch Biotech, the pharma makers, designs and delivers a comprehensive range of scientific services that enable research, analysis, and customer satisfaction – to maximise your performance
  • Updates on the manufacture of medicines in real time
  • Every stage of our Pharma Manufacturing Company’s trigger is updated
  • Only pharma manufacturing firm with two-way internet interactions, including (but not limited to) making orders and issuing certificates of authenticity
  • Each customer’s purchase history from third-party pharma production is accessible online through a unique identification number.


  1. We anticipate a long and fruitful connection with our consumers by working with limitless possibilities and providing top-notch services
  2. Manufacturing As A Service
  3. Production facilities that are state-of-the-art and completely prepared to meet all of your manufacturing demands and specifications.
  4. The pharmaceutical business and its suppliers

Opportunity for a Franchise

We are glad to pass over our franchises to strategic partners that share our values and ambition for accelerating our expansion in pharmaceuticals.


At Innosearch, quality is a never-ending commitment.

Our ‘quality policy emphasises that intrinsic quality in goods is developed and evaluated by adopting and persistently following specified processes and conventions. At Innosearch Biotech, there are distinct Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments led by competent, skilled, and experienced employees who are not involved in manufacturing. Our Quality Control Laboratory is split into departments for chemical, microbiological, and instrumental analysis, as well as stability samples, and is fully equipped with the most advanced tools and expert analysts.

Pharmacopoeias, reference standards, working standards, reference spectra, and other reference materials,as well as technical literature, are all available upon request. According to WHO-GMP requirements, the completed product is produced and tested in compliance with defined processes. The system’s robustness is assessed by an experienced team led by the Quality Assurance Manager performing self-inspection on a regular basis.

Furthermore, pharmaceutical goods are only released for sale or supply when authorised individuals certify that each manufacturing batch was manufactured and regulated in compliance with the label claim and any other regulations related to pharmaceutical product production, control, and release.


Keeping our memories alive “Quality is a must for our sort of company; we achieve long-term sustainable development by maintaining consistency in quality and ensuring client happiness via prompt delivery.”

We aim for continuous improvement by implementing best practises, including employees, and providing training to ensure quantifiable and visible quality standards. Aside from that, we’re dedicated to fostering employee competence, innovation, and responsibility via proper training programmes and assuring management involvement and dedication.

Innosearch Biotech aspires to be the greatest contract manufacturing firm in the world, and everyone at the company is responsible for exceeding customers’ requirements and expectations by providing best-in-class solutions and services.

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