Pharma Manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunities in India

Innosearch Biotech: Your Trusted Partner in Pharma Manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunities in India

The pharmaceutical industry plays a pivotal role in enhancing global healthcare, offering a wide range of medications to combat various health issues. Among the countless pharmaceutical companies in India, Innosearch Biotech, based in Chandigarh, stands out as a beacon of quality and innovation. With an extensive array of pharmaceutical products, including antibiotics, painkillers, anti-cold medications, and many more, Innosearch Biotech is your one-stop destination for third-party manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business opportunities in India.

Diverse Range of Pharmaceutical Products

Innosearch Biotech boasts a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products catering to an array of healthcare needs. Here are some categories and examples of the products they offer:

  1. Antibiotics: Medications that combat bacterial infections.
    • Example: Amoxicillin
  2. Painkillers: Drugs to alleviate pain and discomfort.
    • Example: Ibuprofen
  3. Anti-Cold: Formulations designed to relieve cold symptoms.
    • Example: Paracetamol
  4. Anti-Fungal: Medications to treat fungal infections.
    • Example: Clotrimazole
  5. Anti-Worm: Pharmaceuticals used to eliminate parasitic worms.
    • Example: Albendazole
  6. Liquids: Liquid medications for easy administration.
    • Example: Cough Syrup
  7. Cosmetic: Dermatologically tested skincare and cosmetic products.
    • Example: Skin Cream
  8. Anti-Malaria: Drugs to combat malaria parasites.
    • Example: Chloroquine
  9. Vitamins: Essential vitamins for overall health.
    • Example: Vitamin C
  10. Diabetic: Medications to manage diabetes.
    • Example: Metformin
  11. Gastro: Solutions for gastrointestinal issues.
    • Example: Omeprazole
  12. Gynae: Women’s health products and medications.
    • Example: Iron and Folic Acid Tablets
  13. Anti-Vomiting: Medications to relieve nausea and vomiting.
    • Example: Ondansetron
  14. Steroid: Corticosteroids for various medical conditions.
    • Example: Prednisolone
  15. Anti-Allergic: Allergy relief medications.
    • Example: Cetirizine
  16. Calcium and Iron: Supplements to support bone and blood health.
    • Example: Calcium Carbonate with Vitamin D
  17. Anti-Thyroid: Medications for thyroid disorders.
    • Example: Thyroxine Sodium
  18. Anti-Psychiatric: Drugs to manage psychiatric conditions.
    • Example: Sertraline
  19. Cardiac: Medications for heart-related issues.
    • Example: Amlodipine
  20. Pediatrics: Pharmaceuticals specially formulated for children.
    • Example: Pediatric Cough Syrup
  21. Pediatrics Drops: Liquid medications for pediatric use.
    • Example: Vitamin D3 Drops
  22. Dry Syrups: Powdered formulations for reconstitution.
    • Example: Cefixime Dry Syrup
  23. Sachet: Single-dose sachets for convenience.
    • Example: Probiotic Sachet
  24. Ointments: Topical creams and ointments for skin conditions.
    • Example: Hydrocortisone Cream
  25. Injectables: Injectable medications for fast-acting results.
    • Example: Ceftriaxone Injection
  26. Dental: Oral health products and medications.
    • Example: Dental Gel
  27. Protein Powder: Nutritional supplements for muscle health.
    • Example: Protein Powder
  28. Nasal Drops: Drops for nasal congestion relief.
    • Example: Nasal Saline Drops
  29. OTC Products: Over-the-counter healthcare solutions.
    • Example: Pain Relief Balm
  30. Special Products: Unique formulations for specific needs.
    • Example: Anti-Vertigo Medication
  31. Multivitamin: Comprehensive vitamin supplements.
    • Example: Multivitamin Capsules
  32. Cough Syrup: Syrups to relieve cough and cold symptoms.
    • Example: Dextromethorphan Syrup
  33. Tablets & Capsules: A wide range of oral medications.
    • Example: Paracetamol Tablets
  34. Syrup: Liquid medications for various health concerns.
    • Example: Digestive Syrup
  35. Antacid: Medications to alleviate acid-related issues.
    • Example: Pantoprazole

Why Choose Innosearch Biotech for Pharma Manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business Opportunities in India

  1. Uncompromising Quality: Innosearch Biotech is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Their products are formulated using high-grade raw materials from trusted vendors.
  2. Extensive Product Portfolio: With a diverse range of pharmaceutical products, Innosearch Biotech offers solutions for a wide spectrum of health conditions, making it a comprehensive partner for third-party manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business.
  3. ISO Certification: Innosearch Biotech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, ensuring compliance with international quality standards and regulations.
  4. Timely Deliveries: The company places great emphasis on timely order execution, ensuring that products reach their destination within 24 hours.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: Innosearch Biotech’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous efforts to provide effective and reliable pharmaceutical solutions.


Innosearch Biotech, based in Chandigarh, India, is your trusted partner for third-party pharmaceutical manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise Business opportunities in India. With an extensive range of high-quality pharmaceutical products covering a wide spectrum of healthcare needs, this ISO-certified company prioritizes quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to venture into the pharmaceutical industry or expand your existing business, Innosearch Biotech is your gateway to success.

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